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Five General Signs to Spot the Big C

Five General Signs to Spot the Big C

Early detection of the Big C or Cancer is important for better chance of recovery. Paying close attention to signs and symptoms will give you the right information on specific kinds of cancer and its effects on the body. But like any other disease, cancer detection must always be consulted with a medical professional before arriving at a conclusion or seeking related treatment.

Having any of these symptoms does not automatically conclude that one has cancer. Some cancers might be caused by other warning signs too, but if these symptoms exist for a longer period, it is highly recommended that you see a doctor at once.

Losing Weight for No Apparent Reason

People having cancer will experience weight loss at a certain point. When someone loses weight of about 10 pounds or higher for no particular reason, it can be considered an initial symptom of cancer. This is mostly experienced by patients detected with lung, pancreas, esophagus, or stomach cancer.

Having Fever

Fever is common among cancer patients. This symptom occurs when the cancer has metastasized in the body. When cancer has affected the immune system, patients will get fever. As a result, the body will grow weaker in fighting infection. Having fever for a longer time may also be an indicator of cancer in the blood like lymphoma or leukemia.

Experiencing Frequent Fatigue

Fatigue is when the body feels extremely tired, but does not get well after some rest. This may be a significant symptom that cancer is growing in the body. However, it could also happen during the first stage of cancer like leukemia. Certain cancers in the stomach or colon may lead to loss of blood which cannot be detected with the naked eye. This types of cancers are only determined through repeated medical tests.

Feeling of Pain

Pain felt in different parts of the body may indicate different cancer types. Pain could be an early indicator of other types of cancers such as testicular or bone cancer. One symptom of brain tumor is prolonged and severe headache after treatment. Extreme back pains may also be a sign of colon cancer, rectum or ovarian cancer.

Changes in Skin

Skin changes can also be caused by other cancers aside from skin cancer. These symptoms include:

  • Hyperpigmentation or skin patches look darker than surrounding skin
  • Jaundice or eyes and skin becoming yellowish
  • Erythema or reddened skin
  • Pruritus or severe skin itchiness

Detecting signs of cancer at an early stage can help save one’s life. It will also make or break the type of cure that the patient will have to undergo. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the pitfalls of cancer disease by knowing more about our reliable health insurance policy. You may also call 704-527-4220 today to find out more.

4 Natural Food Choices You Shouldn’t Miss

4 Natural Food Choices You Shouldn’t Miss

“You are what you eat.” Our food choices show our lifestyle which heavily affect our health. Most kitchen preparations deal with fast food or processed food to ease preparation and cooking time, but this will compromise the nutrients we need to work, play and get across our busy schedules. The best means to sustain a healthy body and active mind is to eat simple, natural food choices that should always be included in the grocery list.
Check out these four natural food choices you shouldn’t miss out on your daily meals.


Eggs are the quickest to prepare at any time of the day. It is an inexpensive source of high protein and other vitamins and minerals. Eggs serve as a health booster as it gives you energy throughout the day while keeping your tummy full for a long period of time.


Craving for snacks in between meals? Fruits are a healthier option for you. These are good sources of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and other essential nutrients that your body needs. All fruits are cholesterol-free and have fewer calories, sodium, and fat compared to processed foods. Food experts highly advise to eat five kinds of ripe and juicy fruits daily. A variety of fruits will keep your skin hydrated and glowing plus, it can lessen your cravings for junk food. What’s perhaps even more amazing ̶ fruit is the ultimate grab-and-go kind of food. You don’t need cutlery or any kind of food prep to eat a banana, apple, or pear.


Add more vegetables for a healthier meal. Make sure to make your food preparation presentable, so it will boost the appetite of children especially ones that are picky-eaters. To save prep time, pre-cut vegetables ahead for the week and put them in airlock containers for proper storage.

Most shoppers prefer organic vegetables over inorganic ones because of the higher content of nutrients that are retained throughout the process of harvest. Farmers and companies that produce organic vegetables go through inspection in compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations.

As an added bonus, to eat healthier while saving money, some families grow vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, or herbs in their own backyard to save on grocery shopping costs and produce an organic garden of their own.


On a diet? Try nuts as an alternative source of fiber. A variety of nuts have antioxidants and phytonutrients like walnuts that aid in reducing cancer and other heart diseases. Sprinkle nuts on your salad for a hearty and nutritious meal.

Preparing balanced meals every day can be challenging. But no worries, these natural food choices will save your prep time. Make sure not to miss these items on your next trip to the grocery. Start choosing the right food to promote good health for the family.