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6 Easy Ways to Eat Better for Improved Health

6 Easy Ways to Eat Better for Improved Health

Most people don’t intentionally eat unhealthy, but giving your diet an overhaul can feel expensive and daunting. Fortunately, eating better doesn’t have to be either. With some simple steps, you can be on your way to a healthier diet with little expense or stress.

Consume More Vegetables

Focusing on eating less of certain foods can make you feel deprived, especially when you are just beginning to eat healthy. If you focus on eating more vegetables instead, you will pack more nutrients into your diet without the deprived feeling. As an added bonus, you will fill up and be less likely to indulge in unhealthy foods. Most vegetables are also inexpensive!

Substitute Ground Beef with Beans

Beans can often easily replace meat in meals, which can reduce cholesterol and fat without sacrificing protein. You’ll also add vitamin C and fiber to your meal. With the right preparation, your meals will still be tasty but much healthier and even less expensive with this simple swap.

Drink Mostly Water

Water keeps you hydrated, which can help with weight regulation, immunity, and many other aspects of health. While purchasing bottled water can get expensive, buying a water bottle with a filter allows you to inexpensively add more water into your day while making it easy to fill up anywhere. Drinking mostly water will also help to keep you away from sugar filled and calorie laden drinks.

Prep Foods Ahead

Make it easy to make a healthy choice in the moment by cutting up fruits and vegetables or setting up healthy meals so they can be quickly prepared. If you find that you don’t have enough time to prep, purchase frozen fruits and veggies or pre-cut fresh options at the grocery store. When the option that will be the quickest is also healthy, it’s a set up for success.

Be Selective with Your Carbs

Potatoes, rice, quinoa, and oats are great carbs that can help you to fill up quickly while providing you with tons of nutrients. Breads, pastries and cakes are carbs that will fill you up, but they also contain added sugars and far fewer nutrients. By being selective with your carbs, you can stay full and satisfied while improving the quality of your meals.

Cook with Olive Oil

Cooking with olive oil instead of butter can add good fats to your diet that can help to lower your cholesterol. Olive oil contains antioxidants and helps your body to absorb certain nutrients. Olive oil can also reduce inflammation and help to protect against certain health conditions such as high blood pressure and osteoporosis.
Making small changes to your diet may help you to improve your health. Visit a doctor for more specific advice about how you can change your diet for optimal wellness. If you need insurance to make doctor visits more affordable, call 704-527-4220 today and work with our professionals to find the plan that’s right for you.

Should You Get Your Cough Checked Out?

Should You Get Your Cough Checked Out?

Coughing is a natural and common response that the body uses to keep the lungs and airways clear for breathing. Many different factors can cause you to cough, so it can be difficult to figure out what’s behind a recently developed cough. Some coughs are harmless, but others can be a sign of serious illness. It can be helpful to have some guidelines to assist you with figuring out when to seek medical assistance for a cough.

Is the Cough Severe?

All coughs can be annoying, but some can actually interfere with your life or signify that you should seek help quickly. If your cough is accompanied by a wheeze or if you feel like you can’t catch your breath, it could be a sign of asthma or a serious respiratory condition. In either case, delaying a trip to the doctor could put you in danger.

Has It Been More Than Two Weeks?

Although some coughs that last more than two weeks aren’t a sign of something serious, an enduring cough can be a sign that medical intervention is necessary to pinpoint the ailment and work to treat it. A cough caused by allergies, for example, will continue until allergy medicine is taken. A physician can perform tests to diagnose the cause of the cough and prescribe treatments to clear it up.

Is It Productive?

If your cough is productive, it can tell you a bit more about whether or not you should see a doctor. Clear mucous usually indicates a cold or allergies. Yellow or green mucous can be a sign of a bacterial infection that will need to be treated with antibiotics. Pink or red tinged mucous may be a sign of aggravation caused by bronchitis, but it could also be a sign of cancer, so it’s important to seek a professional diagnosis.

Does It Start When You Lay Down?

If a cough starts when you lay down or immediately after you eat a meal, it could be a sign of heartburn or acid reflux. The coughing can be caused by acid traveling back up to the esophagus. If you cough regularly after meals or when you lie down, speak to a doctor, as the regular exposure of the esophagus to stomach acids could lead to issues.

Are There Other Symptoms?

A sore throat, congestion, and chills often accompany coughs whether they are caused by a cold, flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia. However, the presence of a fever in addition to these symptoms can help you determine that a cough is caused by pneumonia as opposed to less severe ailments, so it should be checked out. A cough without other symptoms may be caused by smoking or certain medications.

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Insurance will make it less expensive for you to get your cough checked out and treated properly, no matter what the cause. This can help to alleviate worries about the cough and get you breathing comfortably as soon as possible. If you don’t have health insurance, call 704-527-4220 today to work with an expert that can help you find a plan that’s right for you and your health needs.