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Top 3 Benefits of Health Insurance

Top 3 Benefits of Health Insurance

When people hear about insurance, we usually think about car insurance, home insurance, health insurance and health insurance. Insurance covers you from any unexpected events that can happen in your life. Unfortunately, the unexpected events usually happen to our health conditions at our most inconvenient time. People who have undergone medical treatments due to sickness or illnesses would want to have their families insured from any form of health emergencies. Here are some advantages that you can get if you have a health insurance.

Less Medical Expenses

Repetitive medical treatments and doctor visits can drain you financially. A health insurance is very useful In case of emergency; it will help lessen medical expenses because you only need to pay a smaller amount in exchange for bigger medical coverages. It will also help patients recover faster because of the sufficient medical privileges given by the accredited insurance agency. You only need to set aside a yearly budget for a comprehensive health insurance that covers everything for you and your family. You may check out Blue Store South Charlotte NC’s health coverages for individuals and families.

Convenient and Cashless Transaction

Medical emergencies are manageable when you have a health insurance because a person can conveniently get admitted to a hospital without having to pay large amounts of cash. Your health insurance also gives you freedom to choose your desired hospital facility and access most of the hospital services at any time of the day. You only need to present your health insurance card upon entering hospital premises and get full medical treatment. Having a health insurance is a stress-free way to pay your medical bills faster through cashless transactions.

Peace of Mind

Health emergencies are a burden to every family. It could affect the family emotionally and financially. While emotional burdens are inevitable, you can spare your family from financial burden by getting a health insurance. A health insurance covers almost all forms of illnesses and pays all the medical bills easily. Other benefits of having a insurance include discounted payment on acquired services because of the partnership between the health insurance agency and hospital. All hospitals in the U.S. accept health insurance, so you won’t have any problems.

Overall, having a health insurance gives you the confidence and assurance that you are ready for any unexpected situations. Know the requirements for getting a health insurance by calling (704) 527-4220 today.

4 Ways To Keep Yourself Stress-proof

4 Ways To Keep Yourself Stress-proof

Stress is very common in today’s fast paced environment. Stress can come from anything that causes worry, anxiety and pressure. It may arise from unhealthy work conditions, eating habits, vices, and emotional problems like depression. Too much stress can negatively impact our well being. We cannot avoid it, but we can choose to have a healthier lifestyle, so that our health is insured from the long-term damaging effects of stress.

Sleep Well

Sleeping is one important activity that our body needs. Sleeping enables our body to refresh and restore, produce hormones and repair tissues. In order for us to have a good rest, most adults are required to sleep for at least 7-9 hours every day so we can be at our best natural state. Sleeping can help regenerate energy to help us keep up with our daily routine.

Make a To-Do List

Stress can sometimes be because of pressure brought by our hectic schedules. One way to manage stress is by making a to-do list of your daily activities and properly schedule them in a way that will give you time to relax. This way, you can avoid rushing things to get them done and you can get things done in an orderly manner without having too much pressure in the process.

Make Time For Quiet Time

While you may have a very hectic schedule, it is very important to find a way to get a free time from all the hustle. It does not hurt to take 1 or 2 hours of quiet time just to relax your mind. Find a good place to unwind, leave all worries and concerns in your desk and think about the things that make you feel good. Some may prefer meditation which is also known to be a good stress reliever but you can do as simple as clearing your mind and freeing your mind through relaxed breathing and quiet environment.

Eat Healthy

Stress eating may be a very common reaction when a person gets stressed. There is nothing wrong with stress eating as long as you eat the right food. It is best to eat food with magnesium, B Vitamins and Vitamin C. These can help your body relax, produce calming neurotransmitters and generate energy that was lost due to stressful environment. Healthy foods have a positive effect to your body that enables you to stay upbeat and cheerful despite the stress.

Keeping yourself healthy, well and strong must be a daily goal in order to get the most out of your life. Your health goals should include guarding yourself from stressful health strains through a health insurance. Contact your health insurance agency to know more about it.

ABC’s of Food Choices to Manage Diabetes

ABC’s of Food Choices to Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is a long-term disease that decreases that production of insulin, a hormone that transports energy broken down from glucose or sugar into different body parts. This disease can cause serious complications like heart or kidney failure, stroke, blindness, and amputations. It is highly recommended for diabetic patients to have a solid health insurance provider that will give them access to the best medical services without having to worry of the costs.
Health professionals also advise diabetic patients to manage their health condition by switching to a low-calorie and low-sugar diet along with a daily exercise to avoid sudden increase or decrease in blood sugar levels. The good news is, there is still a long list of nutritious and delicious food readily available in the market. Plus, these foods also help in reducing the risk of complications linked to diabetes. Here are the ABC’s of food choices strongly recommend for diabetics.

Apples, Asparagus, Avocados

Apples, asparagus and avocados are low in carbohydrates and rich in antioxidants and folate, so daily consumption of these would not be a problem. You can have apples as a light snack in the morning or afternoon or you may add asparagus to your daily meals. Avocados are also perfect for salads.

Beans, Blueberries, Broccoli

Rich in fiber and offers numerous benefits, beans, blueberries and broccoli provide you with vitamins and minerals that are essential for your body. Beans are cheapest source of protein while blueberries contain antioxidants. On the other hand, broccoli is a low-calorie superfood rich in vitamins A and C, folate.

One smart grocery tip is to choose dry beans or canned beans with low-sodium content. It is also a good idea to cook broccoli in low heat to retain its vitamins; the color of the broccoli must be bright green and the stem must be barely tender. For blueberries, you can enjoy it fresh during its season in May until October, or you can opt for frozen berries and grab them anytime.

Carrots, Cinnamon, Cranberries

These are rich in antioxidants and help lower bad cholesterol. Carrots are also known to be good sources of beta-carotene which promotes well-function of the immune system and good vision. Carrots can be garnished in fishes and other meals. You may also eat them raw and add a low-calorie dressing..

Cinnamon is a natural spice which is commonly used for cooking. This type of spice also contains chromium, an essential mineral to enhance effects of insulin in the body. You may add these to soups or breads for an enhanced flavor.

Cranberries on the other hand contains phytonutrients that prevent urinary tract infections. These seasonal fruits are available from October to December, so you may want to pack them in freezer bags for longer shelf life.
With a variety healthy food choices available in the market, you can help fight Diabetes or control your blood sugar. Preparing these fruits and vegetables are also easy and you can add them to almost any recipe for breads and pastries.

Managing diabetes is never easy. Having a family member with diabetes may cause a financial strain especially if the patient has no health insurance policy. You can contact a health insurance agency now to sign up for a plan, call 704-527-4220 today.

4 Natural Food Choices You Shouldn’t Miss

4 Natural Food Choices You Shouldn’t Miss

“You are what you eat.” Our food choices show our lifestyle which heavily affect our health. Most kitchen preparations deal with fast food or processed food to ease preparation and cooking time, but this will compromise the nutrients we need to work, play and get across our busy schedules. The best means to sustain a healthy body and active mind is to eat simple, natural food choices that should always be included in the grocery list.
Check out these four natural food choices you shouldn’t miss out on your daily meals.


Eggs are the quickest to prepare at any time of the day. It is an inexpensive source of high protein and other vitamins and minerals. Eggs serve as a health booster as it gives you energy throughout the day while keeping your tummy full for a long period of time.


Craving for snacks in between meals? Fruits are a healthier option for you. These are good sources of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and other essential nutrients that your body needs. All fruits are cholesterol-free and have fewer calories, sodium, and fat compared to processed foods. Food experts highly advise to eat five kinds of ripe and juicy fruits daily. A variety of fruits will keep your skin hydrated and glowing plus, it can lessen your cravings for junk food. What’s perhaps even more amazing ̶ fruit is the ultimate grab-and-go kind of food. You don’t need cutlery or any kind of food prep to eat a banana, apple, or pear.


Add more vegetables for a healthier meal. Make sure to make your food preparation presentable, so it will boost the appetite of children especially ones that are picky-eaters. To save prep time, pre-cut vegetables ahead for the week and put them in airlock containers for proper storage.

Most shoppers prefer organic vegetables over inorganic ones because of the higher content of nutrients that are retained throughout the process of harvest. Farmers and companies that produce organic vegetables go through inspection in compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations.

As an added bonus, to eat healthier while saving money, some families grow vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, or herbs in their own backyard to save on grocery shopping costs and produce an organic garden of their own.


On a diet? Try nuts as an alternative source of fiber. A variety of nuts have antioxidants and phytonutrients like walnuts that aid in reducing cancer and other heart diseases. Sprinkle nuts on your salad for a hearty and nutritious meal.

Preparing balanced meals every day can be challenging. But no worries, these natural food choices will save your prep time. Make sure not to miss these items on your next trip to the grocery. Start choosing the right food to promote good health for the family.

6 Easy Ways to Eat Better for Improved Health

6 Easy Ways to Eat Better for Improved Health

Most people don’t intentionally eat unhealthy, but giving your diet an overhaul can feel expensive and daunting. Fortunately, eating better doesn’t have to be either. With some simple steps, you can be on your way to a healthier diet with little expense or stress.

Consume More Vegetables

Focusing on eating less of certain foods can make you feel deprived, especially when you are just beginning to eat healthy. If you focus on eating more vegetables instead, you will pack more nutrients into your diet without the deprived feeling. As an added bonus, you will fill up and be less likely to indulge in unhealthy foods. Most vegetables are also inexpensive!

Substitute Ground Beef with Beans

Beans can often easily replace meat in meals, which can reduce cholesterol and fat without sacrificing protein. You’ll also add vitamin C and fiber to your meal. With the right preparation, your meals will still be tasty but much healthier and even less expensive with this simple swap.

Drink Mostly Water

Water keeps you hydrated, which can help with weight regulation, immunity, and many other aspects of health. While purchasing bottled water can get expensive, buying a water bottle with a filter allows you to inexpensively add more water into your day while making it easy to fill up anywhere. Drinking mostly water will also help to keep you away from sugar filled and calorie laden drinks.

Prep Foods Ahead

Make it easy to make a healthy choice in the moment by cutting up fruits and vegetables or setting up healthy meals so they can be quickly prepared. If you find that you don’t have enough time to prep, purchase frozen fruits and veggies or pre-cut fresh options at the grocery store. When the option that will be the quickest is also healthy, it’s a set up for success.

Be Selective with Your Carbs

Potatoes, rice, quinoa, and oats are great carbs that can help you to fill up quickly while providing you with tons of nutrients. Breads, pastries and cakes are carbs that will fill you up, but they also contain added sugars and far fewer nutrients. By being selective with your carbs, you can stay full and satisfied while improving the quality of your meals.

Cook with Olive Oil

Cooking with olive oil instead of butter can add good fats to your diet that can help to lower your cholesterol. Olive oil contains antioxidants and helps your body to absorb certain nutrients. Olive oil can also reduce inflammation and help to protect against certain health conditions such as high blood pressure and osteoporosis.
Making small changes to your diet may help you to improve your health. Visit a doctor for more specific advice about how you can change your diet for optimal wellness. If you need insurance to make doctor visits more affordable, call 704-527-4220 today and work with our professionals to find the plan that’s right for you.

Should You Get Your Cough Checked Out?

Should You Get Your Cough Checked Out?

Coughing is a natural and common response that the body uses to keep the lungs and airways clear for breathing. Many different factors can cause you to cough, so it can be difficult to figure out what’s behind a recently developed cough. Some coughs are harmless, but others can be a sign of serious illness. It can be helpful to have some guidelines to assist you with figuring out when to seek medical assistance for a cough.

Is the Cough Severe?

All coughs can be annoying, but some can actually interfere with your life or signify that you should seek help quickly. If your cough is accompanied by a wheeze or if you feel like you can’t catch your breath, it could be a sign of asthma or a serious respiratory condition. In either case, delaying a trip to the doctor could put you in danger.

Has It Been More Than Two Weeks?

Although some coughs that last more than two weeks aren’t a sign of something serious, an enduring cough can be a sign that medical intervention is necessary to pinpoint the ailment and work to treat it. A cough caused by allergies, for example, will continue until allergy medicine is taken. A physician can perform tests to diagnose the cause of the cough and prescribe treatments to clear it up.

Is It Productive?

If your cough is productive, it can tell you a bit more about whether or not you should see a doctor. Clear mucous usually indicates a cold or allergies. Yellow or green mucous can be a sign of a bacterial infection that will need to be treated with antibiotics. Pink or red tinged mucous may be a sign of aggravation caused by bronchitis, but it could also be a sign of cancer, so it’s important to seek a professional diagnosis.

Does It Start When You Lay Down?

If a cough starts when you lay down or immediately after you eat a meal, it could be a sign of heartburn or acid reflux. The coughing can be caused by acid traveling back up to the esophagus. If you cough regularly after meals or when you lie down, speak to a doctor, as the regular exposure of the esophagus to stomach acids could lead to issues.

Are There Other Symptoms?

A sore throat, congestion, and chills often accompany coughs whether they are caused by a cold, flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia. However, the presence of a fever in addition to these symptoms can help you determine that a cough is caused by pneumonia as opposed to less severe ailments, so it should be checked out. A cough without other symptoms may be caused by smoking or certain medications.

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Insurance will make it less expensive for you to get your cough checked out and treated properly, no matter what the cause. This can help to alleviate worries about the cough and get you breathing comfortably as soon as possible. If you don’t have health insurance, call 704-527-4220 today to work with an expert that can help you find a plan that’s right for you and your health needs.