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You only have two eyes, so keeping them safe and healthy should be a priority. Over 10 million Americans are blind or visually impaired. Not all of these cases are preventative, but most are, and almost all health insurance provides regular check-ups in their plans. This allows access for people to affordable eye healthcare. Consider the below safety tips and information about your eye’s well-being.

Have Your Eyes Looked at Every Year

Annual eye exams are a must for you and the entire family. Because some vision problems develop over time without warning, your eye doctor will be able to detect these issues. There can be some issues so severe, if not diagnosed early enough, that blindness could be a direct result. Regular check-ups allow for you to stay on top of any impending problems, fixing them early before they become severe.

Wear Your Shades on All Sunny Days

When ever outside, try to wear sunglasses as often as possible. Direct and indirect sunlight can be very harmful to eyes. This doesn’t only apply for beach days during the hot summer, being in snow on sunny days can also place you at high risk. Purchases sunglasses that specify they filter out ultraviolet light.

Keep Your Eyes Safe Playing Sports

Everybody loves to be active and participate in sports, but your eyes are in danger of suffering injury during these fun times. Any balls flying in your direction or errant fingers that poke or scratch the eye on accident can have long lasting and detrimental effects to your eye’s health. Consider purchasing protective eyewear and visors even if prescription glasses aren’t required for the athlete. Keeping a physical barrier between the eyes and any potential threat will protect you in the long run.

Impaired Vision and Blindness

The vast majority of blind and visually impaired aren’t born this way, rather it is a process that happens over time. The major cause is macular degeneration, which is blurred vision, is caused by the deterioration of central vision, eventually leading to blindness. A second cause is when there is pressure to the optic nerve over a prolonged period of time, called glaucoma.

Keep Your Vision Crystal Clear for the Rest of Your Life

Remember that eye exams aren’t just about confirming that you have great vision. Your eyes are where specialists can detect disease impacting various parts of your body. High blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol are just a few of the diseases that can be found in your eyes, but impact your entire health. Being proactive with your eye health not only helps you see clearly, but will give your sight longevity as well!

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