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Health insurance can be extremely helpful if you are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant. Without health insurance, maternity stays at hospitals can range from about $1,200 to $12,000. This cost is in addition to obstetricians, anesthesiologists, and prenatal care. Health insurance can decrease these costs significantly. If you want to postpone pregnancy or have decided that your family is complete, health insurance can also help with these family planning costs.

Maternity and Birth Control Coverage Is Included

The ACA mandates that all health insurance policies cover maternity care. This is one of the essential benefits that must now be covered by all health insurance plans. Additionally, certain types of birth control are covered by health insurance at no cost to the patient. This can help to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Prenatal Visits Are Covered

Prenatal doctor visits to check on the health of the mother and the baby are covered under health insurance. During prenatal doctor visits, physicians may perform gestational diabetes screenings, administer blood tests, prescribe medications, perform ultrasounds, and take other actions as needed. These services may be covered in full or in part, based on the policy that is selected.

Birthing Classes May Be Covered

Some health insurance may cover birthing or Lamaze classes. These classes can help mothers learn about breathing techniques and pain management and may include fathers as integral partners throughout the pregnancy and delivery. Classes may also provide education about proper diet, exercise as it relates to pregnancy, and may offer parents a chance to ask questions about the birthing process not explored during prenatal visits.

Insurance Helps with Inpatient Services

Inpatient services for delivery and physician assistance are covered by health insurance plans. If complications occur that require a cesarean section or other emergency procedures in order to preserve the health of the mother and child, the out-of-pocket cost of these procedures may be mitigated significantly by health insurance. In some cases, this may enable mothers to receive better care than they would have otherwise been able to afford.

Newborn Care

After a baby is born, well baby check-ups can help to ensure that the baby stays healthy. Visits can help physicians to catch any existing health issues in early stages, which may prevent life-long problems in some cases. Insurance covers these services and may also cover immunizations and other preventative care. If a mother does not have health insurance when a baby is born, the birth of the baby makes the family eligible for a special enrollment period.