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Preventative care is covered under health insurance as one of the stipulations of the Affordable Care Act. However, what constitutes preventative care is often questioned. Once you know what counts as preventative care, attending these screenings and visits may help you stay healthy. Knowing how the visits will be covered by your health insurance plan may help you to enjoy more peace of mind.

What Is Preventative Care?

Disease screenings and immunizations are considered to be preventative care. Wellness visits that occur when you are healthy are considered to be part of preventative care. These include annual check-ups and woman’s wellness. Under some plans, the entire costs of visits or screenings may be covered, while others may cover a portion of costs.

Immunizations and screenings that are considered to be preventative care include:

  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Diabetes screenings
  • Pediatric screenings for development
  • Flu shots
  • MMR shots
  • HPV vaccines
  • Hepatitis shots
  • Tetanus shots
  • STI counseling and screenings

Receiving Preventative Care

When you visit a doctor’s office to receive preventative care, you should make sure that you understand exactly what will be covered. In some cases, there may be limits on the amount of preventative care that you can receive each year. If you go over the number of visits, you may have to pay for preventative care. There may also be some costs that are not included, such as lab work. If something is discovered that indicates a potential issue, additional testing and treatment will not be considered preventative.

How Often Are Preventative Visits Needed?

Preventative visits are usually only needed every year or less often. If there are issues that predispose a person to certain conditions, doctors may wish to check on these annually, but usually not more often. Health insurance plans generally allow for preventative visits according to what is normally recommended, so visits may not be covered if they are attended more frequently. Check with your insurance company before attending preventative visits to be sure that services will be covered.

If You Are Charged for Preventative Care

Insurance plans cover costs that are considered customary, so sometimes there are issues where insurance doesn’t cover all of the costs detailed. If you are billed for services that you believe should have been covered, call the doctor’s office to make sure that there was not an error causing services to be viewed as therapeutic. Check with the insurance company to make sure that there were no errors causing claims to be denied. If there are errors, the charges may be waived or you may be reimbursed.

If you need health insurance to help you cover the costs of preventative care, call 704-527-4220 today.