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Changing or updating your health insurance protection may require you to choose a new General Practitioner (G.P.) for you and your family. No need to be scared or worried about a new doctor, but you will want to ask as many questions as possible at any time. Get to know your G.P. while they also get to know you beyond your medical history.

1. Look into Your New Physician’s History

Before making it into your new doctor’s office you can research their history. It is okay to find out where they went to medical school at and which hospitals they are most closely associated with. It is also fine to contact their office and ask if the doctor is part of a reward system with the hospitals they perform surgeries in. You may not be comfortable with those associations, but its important to know that many hospitals pay physicians bonuses in these scenarios.

2. Ask aboutĀ Convenient Scheduling

Scheduling and appointment information are going to be critical because most medical emergencies aren’t planned. Find out what their after office hour policies are. You may have an accident occur on the weekends or your schedule may only allow for appointments at certain times of the day. Make sure your G.P. has a schedule that is similar to your hours of availability while also providing options in case of emergencies.

3. Ask If Your Tests Are Necessary

Due to lawsuits and medical insurance agencies that cover doctors in case of malpractice, your G.P. may submit you to every test available. The two most commonly overused tests for men are CT scans and prostate cancer screenings. Before approving of any testing, go over what they are and what their findings could mean in your particular case.

4. Get Clarification on Prescriptions and Diagnosis

If you are prescribed a medication with a name you more than likely don’t recognize or the diagnosis of your condition uses jargon that confuses you, stop your physician. Ask the G.P. questions to clarify why they are prescribing that particular medication or what this diagnosis means for you. It is important that you know, with prescriptions for example, poor penmanship accounts for 1.5 million patient injuries in America.

5. Verify You Are Being Referred to the Best Specialist

If you have to see a specialist for any reason, don’t be afraid to ask the doctor where he would send his family. Doctors usually refer patients to specialists that work in the same healthcare system with them. Often times, the best professional in your area may just be on the other side of town, so for peace of mind have a candid conversation with your G.P.

Questions Help You Both Learn about One Another

As your new G.P. and you communicate more with question and answer sessions while you’re in for visits, you will get to know one another better. This will help you be at ease while also informing your doctor how to assess your health issues and concerns. Their experience and knowledge can provide them the pieces in diagnosing a health problem you may not be able to communicate properly.

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