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The topic of life insurance can be a sensitive one. While it is sometimes more comfortable to put off thinking about life insurance, getting caught without it can be potentially devastating. In the event of a tragedy, it is important that loved ones be able to grieve properly without the ominous threat of the unknown. There are several factors that make life insurance a much more positive investment than simply pocketing the money from the monthly premiums.

Replacement of Lost Income

In the event of the death of a policy holder, many life insurance policies will pay out cash in order to compensate for the loss of the income generating capabilities of the deceased. This can provide tremendous relief to those surviving him or her. In some cases, businesses might take an out an insurance policy on certain high-ranking members of the company. In the event of his or her passing, the policy pays out compensation to offset the financial loss.

Payment of Estate Taxes and Final Expenses

Another reason for the importance of maintaining an adequate life insurance plan is that they can cover the costs of the estate tax (also referred to as “the Death Tax”) as well as any final expenses which may include the costs of the funeral and burial, as well as any other outstanding expenses that the recently deceased might have owed. This can be a huge benefit to those who are already suffering and do not want to be forced to choose between saying a proper goodbye or paying the bills. Each insurance policy is different so it is important to understand how much a policy will pay out before purchasing one. However, this type of coverage is critical during painful times of grieving.

Peace of Mind

While it is easy to ignore the idea of life insurance when everything is fine, the moment tragedy strikes, many people feel completely unprepared and panicked. Making small payments every month is typically worth the peace of mind that many people feel when they know that they are protected should something unexpected occur. Losing a loved one is hard enough on family and friends. The last thing people need to be worrying about in such situations is how they will afford to carry on. This is perhaps the most important reason for life insurance since a life free from worry is a quality life.

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